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Steering and Suspension

Suspension is designed to give the occupants of the vehicle a smooth ride but also keep the tires from leaving the road surface when hitting bumps and when turning. This gives the vehicle the best handling and ride it can have. Worn shocks can give you a bouncy ride and also cause your tires to wear out prematurely. Other worn suspension components will cause clunks and knocks when driving over bumps. If you are having any of these symptoms you should have your vehicle inspected to find out the cause.

Worn steering components can also cause a clunk or knock sound but can also create play in the steering, wandering while driving down the road and sometimes a “nibble” in the steering wheel when driving at a bit higher speeds. Play in steering components is usually a safety concern and should definitely be addressed as soon as possible.

We perform extensive safety checks on all steering and suspension.
If your steering or suspension fails, this can quickly become a safety issue.

After serving the Salmon Arm community for over 30 years, we have gained the trust of our many clients. We invite you to come in and consult with us as automotive professionals for steering and suspension repair and maintenance.

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416 4 Street NE – Salmon Arm, B.C.