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Exhaust Systems

Whether it’s patching up a small exhaust pipe leak, replacing a muffler or installing a custom bent system, we can repair your exhaust the way you want it to look and sound.

Under vehicle exhaust leaks can get into the cab of the vehicle while idling causing health risks to the driver and passengers of the vehicle. In most cases exhaust repairs are not very expensive and will make your vehicle sound better as well as removing any potential exhaust fume health risks.

If you hear rattling or other loud noises, you may have a problem with your exhaust system. The catalytic converter is the most expensive part of your exhaust system and should it begin to fail, you will hear loud rattling while idling, and your ‘check engine’ light may be illuminated.

Rust can cause damage to your exhaust system causing potential gas leaks. Exhaust systems leaking can also occur from cracks and loosened parts. If you smell fumes, be concerned, as this may be an indication that you have an exhaust leak.

If you are having issues with a damaged exhaust system, we will inspect all the components and replace the parts that are broken, missing or malfunctioning. Exhaust system parts are backed by a service warranty for standard parts and labor.

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